Douching during pregnancy, is that safe indeed?

Pregnancy is the most crucial part of a woman’s life and you must take care in this important phase of your life. You must keep personal hygiene while you are pregnant but main question is that is douching during pregnancy safe? And the answer is no. This is really not advised for a pregnant woman because it may really affect your baby and also you may have a risk of an early delivery.

This is not safe indeed

There may be some women who must be feeling douche as a form of hygiene and they must be thinking can you douche during pregnancy. But doctors say it is very unsafe to do this while you are pregnant. It is making the vagina clean with some liquid or plain water using a nozzle or a tube. If you are trying to conceive then also it is not good to do as you are at a risk of having complicated pregnancy.  You may also get your delivery early. If you want to avoid these risks then you avoid a douche. Instead you can clean your private parts yourselves and that is really a safe option. You can clean then with water and that would be really enough.

Your health is at a stake

Not just the pregnancy is at a risk but your overall health is at a stake if you douche while you are pregnant. You may have many disorder related to vagina. You may have an infection or burning sensation. One research also says that vaginal douches can be responsible for a women’s connection at the Phthalates. These are fluid those are being used to soften plastic or any other similar material. Phthalates are linked closely with some interactive disorders in small children.

Why would anyone do that at all?

After reading the bad effects of douche you must be wondering about why would really anyone go for it at all? And why pregnant women take the risk of doing this? There are some ladies who think this as their need or they think their vagina will not remain clean without doing this.  This process makes a big effect on the bacteria present in the vagina.

What can be done for hygiene?

It is not necessary to douche for gaining hygiene. You can also maintain hygiene on your own. While you are taking a bath every morning you can clean your vagina with warm water and that will be truly enough. You can use a talcum powder after you have cleaned it but you need to keep this is in mind that it will not really smell like a perfume. If you get any bad smelling discharge from vagina then you need to see a doctor.

So if you are very conscious about your vaginal hygiene then you can do it all by yourselves instead of going for douche treatment. That is not really safe for you and your baby while you are pregnant. Have a safe pregnancy.

The role of Theme Parks in attracting Tourist

Tourism has long been a very important and reliable source of economy for almost every country, especially the hill countries. Tourism of a country or a state makes the economic infrastructure of the country much stronger. There are several different ways of maintaining a growth rate of economy through tourism in different countries. One of the very recent promoting tools of tourism is ‘Theme Park’. The introduction of theme park on a global platform is initiated about 60 years ago, with the creation of Disneyland in California in 1955. There are other ride based theme parks and garden rich theme parks in different parts of the world as well.

Few features of dynamics of parks

  1. a) Family appeal,
    b) Themed environments with ‘ambient amusements’,
    c) Highly maintained and cleaned,
    d) High investment level /unit of ride or show capacity.

Relation between Theme parks and growth of Economy-

The relations between theme parks and tourism are growing into a complex yet beneficial manner. Theme parks usually promote economic growth first on a national scale, then on the global scale and necessary to known as the best international destination. But theme parks require certain basic but essential characteristics to influx destination tourisms.

Firstly,Theme parks need to be ‘UNIQUE’ and ‘Must Visit’ destination– This can be accomplished by developing various mythical or fictional (comic) characters, special events etc.

Secondly, it must have a critical and large scale mass attraction– High technical servicing, along with high level of service from the hosts and hostesses to maintain a unique and friendly human contact and local culture.

Thirdly, Encouraging overnight stays– Overnight stays with family and friends increase 20% of the economic income. Thus theme parks with motels to provide 2-3 days stay will surely generate the desired result.

Fourthly, have complimentary destination activities– A unique tourist destination requires to promote certain recreational shopping, dining experiences and sports activities like tennis and golf.

Fifthly, support media coverage– Television broadcasting of theme parks as backdrop of celebrity game shows, competitions, conference, etc. can very easily enhance the publicity of the parks at the same time increase the financial condition of the country.

Changing Trends: Theme parks becoming essential in international tourisms-

From the 21st century onwards, theme parks are also playing important roles in enhancing global and international economic relations of a country as well. There are certain changes that we can notice in recent theme parks-

  1. a) Themed to Countries/ Regions– Emphasizing more entertainment than to ‘cultural’ themes. For example, the brand like Dysneland and universal studio is very popular where ever they are established like in Tokyo or Osaka. Find more theme park ideas on a place to share your ideas.

  2. b) Larger part of ‘Mixed-use’ destination projects– including multi-use office buildings.
  3. c) Enhancement of visitor interaction and participation– thrill rides where the rider can control individually the intensity of the ride and their experience as well, eg.- San Francisco Exploratorium.
  4. d) Usage of virtual reality and simulation experiences– 3D (Three Dimensional shows), virtual tours/rides in the past or environments convenient for the park’s theme etc.
  5. e) More Water Orientation– traditional and modern water themed rides; eg. Walibi in Belgium, etc.
  6. f) All weather operations (Artificial Environments)– climatically controlled walkways and areas for rest.

Besides being an important and useful way of attracting ad handling large numbers of tourists in a controlled space, these theme parks will also embody educational knowledge to the tourists about the host country’s (or place’s) environment and community values.

7 The cake must be on Kid’s Celebration Birthday

Celebrating birthday parties are a great liveliness enhancer to any kid’s self-interest. Plan a special celebratory occasion with a lot of luxurious bakery treats. And who can forget the cake, the classic bakery dessert! For this special day, many parents start worrying before choosing the right piece of cake. Finding that perfect cake for your kid’s birthday party would be a tougher job! It is up to you that how would make your kid delighted and joyful by selection the perfect cake. Here we are discussing 7 must have cakes which you might love to present to your kid.

Mango jelly Cake

 This Mango Jelly Cake offers a magnificent ecstasy if you send this on your kid’s birthday! It is a combination of sponge cake and mango jelly on the topped layer. The mango jelly is made up of fresh mango pulps, milk, and cream. Kids get attracted towards the look and texture. You can attach a personalized greeting card which you can order online. It will arrive at a charming gift box to your lovable kid.

Barbie Doll Cake

For your Princess what could be a fantastic choice than to order a special Barbie Doll Cake? Surprise your baby doll with this extremely dazzling pink colored Barbie cake. You can now make her special day more exceptional, impressive, memorable and exciting. order cakes online at least 24 hours before the celebration. This cake will bring an amusing delight to the door of your Barbie lover baby girl.

Doraemon Delight Cake

You hardly get any kid aged 3 to 10 years those who do not like Doraemon. If their much-loved cartoon character comes in the form of cake they will be amazed obviously! So for a Doraemon fan, order a Doremon Delight Cake on his/ her birthday to bring a broad smile to the face. This is a perfect gift piece for your kid. This Doraemon Cake can be ordered online where you will get immense choices. We assure you a fresh delicious cake delivery UK at the doorstep. So let your kids’ glee on their birthday with this mouth-watering cake. This cream cake is beyond doubt bliss for the toddlers.

Oggy Creamy Cake

Oggy is one more well-liked cartoon character which kids be mad about. Try to get Oggy Creamy Cake on your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration. It will offer you double happiness when you see a big smile on your kid’s face. It will give you colossal delight when you can give your Oggy fan toddler a huge surprise. This cake comes with a soft spongy base and fresh whipped creamy layer on top. So try to place your order at least a week in advance to get the fresh one! Go ahead and surprise your little ones with this tempting cake!

Popeye Photo Cake

Gift your kid the Popeye Photo Birthday Cake which will surely meet your expectations. Get a customized Popeye’s photo on the cake with the signature style “Popeye” written on it. Else pick a personalized one with the signature dialogue of Popeye “I am what I am” while holding a tin full of spinach. The cake can be a real wonder and will leave you fully content when your kid will love to get that as a birthday present!

Fruit Cakes

Surprise your kid by sending a classic fruitcake on his/ her special day. It is a baked luscious, stylishly embellished with fruits. It is a combination of subtle vanilla frosting and fruits on top. It will turn up at your doorstep in a beautifully packaged gift box with a greeting card for your kid especially.

Chocolate Oreos

Let your kid cut a slice and get gooey chocolate ganache which choco chips flowing freely from the moist Chocolate Oreos. It is a perfect combination cake for your kid to bring a smile to the face. We deliver it in a special way to provide you with the best and fresh one.

Our online cake corner pledges you to serve you the best. Just visit our website and go through the detailing. Put your fondness and pick the desired one. Let us make your occasion special by delivering the best cake right on time.



As the financial condition of people improves, so does their need to live a more comfortable life materially with all amenities easily available at one’s disposal. While those with less financial power opt for conventional flats or apartments, but for those who can afford it they prefer to own a villa. Bengaluru is a perfect location to own a villa. It can be just picturesque.

To Ensure a Safe Purchase

It happens quite often that people end up buying disputed properties and end up getting into legal tangles. Hence, there are certain criteria which need to be evaluated before making an investment in real estate. Though the buying power of the people have increased over the years, it is not that they will invest without studying the pros and cons of the future benefits like the value of the property they are expected to reap.

Documents need to be studied before a purchase and the same should not be ignored by any means. To avoid any legal complications in the future, it needs to be ascertained that all necessary clearances from concerned authorities are obtained and no dispute arises. When all documents are clear it can be considered as a safe purchase.

Privacy of One’s Own

It is everybody’s desire to have some privacy especially in residential areas. Owning a villa can provide the space for the same. While living in a society one has to abide by certain rules and regulations which may not be upto one’s likings. In the process many a times some occupants get offended but cannot do much. But in case of a separate dwelling one is at one’s own liberty to do as one wish.


The purchase of any property is determined by its location and accessibility to all basic amenities necessary in their day to day life. Medical facilities, shopping malls, vegetable market, bank etc., are the minimum one expects in the vicinity of residence or office. The value of the assets increases as facilities improve and expand. One must have the knack to study the prospect and make the investment accordingly. One should not ignore the fact that the place is well connected with other parts of the city in the form of public transport like buses and cabs.

Design to One’s Taste

Since the property is a separate one, an individual can design or modify it according to one’s choice and convenience. Moreover, landscaping enhances the beauty of the environment and also attracts the attention of the passers-by. An independent villas in Bangalore provides the scope for shaping it as a dream house. Bengaluru, by its sheer location provides all the ingredients to choose it as the destination without any hesitations.


As it is, the mindsets of the people are changing and many prefer to have a dwelling in the nearest city though they may have their bases in rural areas. The transfer of power from the old generation to the new ones has given rise to trend. So those who have the buying power are availing the opportunity to establish a base in a metro city or cities as the cases may be.

Bengaluru attracts more people because of its cosmopolitan nature and its climatic conditions and it is more accommodative as compared to other metros. Bengaluru is a city which qualifies all benchmark and necessary to invest in and own properties. The city of Bengaluru is ever expanding and the exodus of people from other parts of the country is increasing with the passage of time. So the city should not be a bad bargain in the long run.

Treatment of Thalassemia: Depending on the severity and types

Thalassemia patient doesn’t have the ability to produce a normal amount of hemoglobin as well as red blood cells and it is a genetic or inherited disease. It is considered a life-threatening disease.

Types of Thalassemia

Alpha Thalassemia: Hemoglobin is not able to produce sufficient alpha protein. For producing alpha protein chain four genes are needed that we get from our parents as two genes from each parent. But, for the missing of one or more genes, alpha thalassemia is caused. Depending on the number of faulty genes, this affects as severe. Presence of one or two faulty genes is considered as minor thalassemia. Regular transfusion of blood is needed during the entire life for the presence of three faulty genes, but the presence of four faulty genes is life-threatening.

Beta Thalassemia:  Two globin genes are needed for making beta protein chains that we get from each parent as one from each. Beta thalassemia caused for one or both faulty genes. Presence both faulty genes are termed as severe.

Symptoms of Thalassemia: After the age of 6 months of a baby the symptoms of thalassemia may be appearing. These symptoms are chest pain, fatigue, drowsiness, short breathing, pale skin, the coldness of hand and feet, cramping of the leg, headaches, reduction of growth, heart beat rapidly, frequently faintness etc.

Causes of Thalassemia: In our body hemoglobin protein which is present in red blood cells, helps to carry oxygen to the cells. Bone marrow produces red blood cells as well as hemoglobin with the presence of iron in our food. When people suffer from thalassemia, bone marrow in their body is not able to produce sufficient hemoglobin as well as red blood cells. As result of this, it also leads to anemia as well as fatigue.

Diagnosis: This disease can be detected by the blood test, like CBC (Complete blood count), reticulocyte count. Analysis of DNA will help to identify the presence of faulty genes. Prenatal testing will help to determine the severity of this disease. CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) is made by removing a part of the placenta at 11 weeks of the pregnant mother. Amniocentesis is made by a little amount of amniotic fluid at the 16th week of pregnancy period.

Treatment of Thalassemia: Depending on the severity and types, different treatments are available for this disease.

  • Transfusion of blood: Transfusion of blood for eight times in a year is essential for the minor type of thalassemia, whereas eight to twelve times of blood transfusion is required for the major type of thalassemia.
  • Chelation of iron: The excess amount of iron is removed by this process to prevent the overloading of iron that may cause damage to the heart and several organs. It is also essential after the transfusion of blood.
  • Transplantation of bone marrow or stem cell: Transplantation of bone marrow from the suitable donor will help to give an effective treatment, as the bone marrow helps to produce RBC, WBC, platelets, and hemoglobin.
  • Surgery: This is needed for the correction of abnormalities of bones.
  • Gene Therapy: Investigation is going on by the scientists where a normal beta-globin protein gene is inserted into the patient’s bone marrow to overcome the severe condition of this disease.

All of these treatments are available in India. The various sites will give you detailed information on thalassemia treatment cost in India.


There are a significant number of tables for little children that are accessible today. You can locate those made of top-notch safe plastics, which are additionally made of wood. Those made of wood would likewise have wooden squares, riddles, and compartments. These are really considered as more secure to use when contrasted with plastic. In any case, those produced using plastics additionally went through various phases of value control. This checking is taken upon by organizations and producer so guardians might have the capacity to enable their little children to play at the table with no stresses. Plastic table sets are ordinarily less expensive when contrasted with wood, which is likewise why numerous guardians belittle them. There is a wide variety of study table for toddlers present in the online stores that one can look into.

Things to look into before buying a table for your children

  • Safety should never be disregarded and that is the reason it is best to get a table which has round edges. Getting square ones with a pointy edge might be hazardous particularly if the little one moves a great deal.
  • Pick a table which is bright. All things considered, it is one of the supportive devices for your child to start adapting even while at play!
  • Today, plastic tables are one of the top choices of guardians principally in light of the fact that they are durable, intense and reasonable. You don’t need to waste time with the seats that would coordinate them basically in light of the fact that they are a piece of the arrangement. It is likewise multipurpose in light of the fact that your little ones can eat there too. You don’t need to stress over spills since you should simply wipe them, and the table is on a par with new.
  • On the off chance that you wish to save money on space and ensure that your child’s stuff is sorted out, there are movement tables with coordinators. That way, you can sort out the things that your little one uses while he or she plays on the table there. You can even prepare youngsters to do the cleaning themselves.
  • On the off chance that you might want your children to learn a couple of things about communication and connections, at that point welcome different children over with the goal that your little one can make new companions. They can play and learn with each other at the activity table. All things considered, figuring out how to manage other individuals is something that youngsters need to learn at an early age.


If you somehow managed to give your children toddler study table it will make an agreeable domain for them in which they have the chance to unreservedly find, investigate and make things through utilization of their own creative ability and innovativeness. Likewise, these are work household items as some of them are intended to enable you to keep your children’s toys and adornments composed and clean in one place after they have got done with utilizing them.