Douching during pregnancy, is that safe indeed?

Pregnancy is the most crucial part of a woman’s life and you must take care in this important phase of your life. You must keep personal hygiene while you are pregnant but main question is that is douching during pregnancy safe? And the answer is no. This is really not advised for a pregnant woman because it may really affect your baby and also you may have a risk of an early delivery.

This is not safe indeed

There may be some women who must be feeling douche as a form of hygiene and they must be thinking can you douche during pregnancy. But doctors say it is very unsafe to do this while you are pregnant. It is making the vagina clean with some liquid or plain water using a nozzle or a tube. If you are trying to conceive then also it is not good to do as you are at a risk of having complicated pregnancy.  You may also get your delivery early. If you want to avoid these risks then you avoid a douche. Instead you can clean your private parts yourselves and that is really a safe option. You can clean then with water and that would be really enough.

Your health is at a stake

Not just the pregnancy is at a risk but your overall health is at a stake if you douche while you are pregnant. You may have many disorder related to vagina. You may have an infection or burning sensation. One research also says that vaginal douches can be responsible for a women’s connection at the Phthalates. These are fluid those are being used to soften plastic or any other similar material. Phthalates are linked closely with some interactive disorders in small children.

Why would anyone do that at all?

After reading the bad effects of douche you must be wondering about why would really anyone go for it at all? And why pregnant women take the risk of doing this? There are some ladies who think this as their need or they think their vagina will not remain clean without doing this.  This process makes a big effect on the bacteria present in the vagina.

What can be done for hygiene?

It is not necessary to douche for gaining hygiene. You can also maintain hygiene on your own. While you are taking a bath every morning you can clean your vagina with warm water and that will be truly enough. You can use a talcum powder after you have cleaned it but you need to keep this is in mind that it will not really smell like a perfume. If you get any bad smelling discharge from vagina then you need to see a doctor.

So if you are very conscious about your vaginal hygiene then you can do it all by yourselves instead of going for douche treatment. That is not really safe for you and your baby while you are pregnant. Have a safe pregnancy.

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