Scott Beale Aviation Offers Guidelines to Become a Commercial Pilot In The USA

Before we begin, it’s important to understand, who is a commercial pilot?

A commercial pilot is required to fly a civilian plane as a means of transport as the commercial pilot falls under the category of a civilian pilot. Scott Beale Aviation says that to become one, you will have to enroll in an aviation or pilot training school.

Duration of the course:

Everything depends on your dedication to training. There will be various tests but you will need to attentively deal with your study materials so as to progress from zero to airline. A college education is not a necessity but candidates are advised to enroll in an aviation academy so as to eliminate potential competitions. The period of completion and attaining those private and professional certificates can range into 4-6 years. You need to get the following in those years:

Certificates and Ratings you will need:

  • Private Pilot License: It will grant the permission to fly on your own but, it forbids you to receive payment for flying.
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate: This will allow you to receive payments for your services. To earn this you will:
  • Have to pass commercial pilot ground school and log in a minimum of 250 flight hours (with time allotted to certain maneuvers and conditions).
  • You will never have to pass a check ride where a FAA (Federal Aviation Adminstration) examiner will quiz you on aviation terms and ask you to carry out certain maneuvers as well as ask you to plan a flight. He will direct and monitor your flying thoroughout the flight and if everything goes will then you will get the certificate.
  • Medical certificate: You will need a recent up-to-date first or second class medical certificate. How to get this? You will need an Aviation Medical Examiner verify that you meet the medical and fitness requirements to be a pilot. It should be understood that you will frequently undergo these examinations throughout your career, atleast once every year and if a problem is found then you could find yourself out of work. So take care of yourself diligently.
  • Instrument Rating: You will get this rating by passing the instrument ground school- by clocking in a specific number of instrument flight hours which means flying in low visibility conditions like during adverse weather conditions and when in the clouds.
  • Multi-Engine Rating: As the name suggest, this will allow you to fly planes with multiple engines since that is what you will fly as a commercial airline pilot. As always, you will need to pass a multi engine check ride and take some lessons.
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: This is the highest pilot certificate and it will grant you the permission to be in command of a large commercial aircraft. To get this you willl have to:
  • Pass a written exam.
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Have logged in 1,500 flight hours (including 250 hours in command)
  • Have a first class medical certificate.

As per Scott Beale Aviation that commercial airline pilots are responsible for people’s lives and so utmost dedication is necessary in people who take the job. Pilots have to keep on training and improving themselves.

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