Shooting the Landscapes with Vijay Prakash Boggala

Photography has become a vogue across the globe, a hobby that previously was followed only by a handful. More and more people are getting interested in the subject and taking it up not just as a means of recreation, but also as a full-fledged profession. Though to most it may seem to be an absolutely easy thing to do, yet it is important to remember that they are innumerable facets to the subject and those who intend to take it up professionally must be thoroughly trained in it. Vijay Prakash Boggala is a photography enthusiast who holds considerable knowledge in this field.

Quite a pro in the task, he believes in expanding his knowledge by learning more about the numerous forms of photography and it is after getting to know them that he mentions in his blogs that shutter speed photography, action photography and landscape photography are his favorites.

Landscape photography is one of the more creative and exciting kinds of photography, as in it you attempt to give a completely novel perspective to a very familiar thing. This perhaps, is also one of the most risky kinds of photography, as you cannot let the weather or unfavorable atmospheric conditions dampen your spirit. You should be willing to have adventure and ready to face all the challenges of unpleasant weather.

Vijay Prakash Boggala is an extremely adventurous person and feels that a heavy rainfall is an absolutely inspiring thing for photographers, but unfortunately the fact that rain can definitely spoil your camera is something that cannot be overlooked. There are a few who prefer the comfort of their vehicles to take the clicks, but there are some of the overtly adventurous types who prefer to get out there and capture nature at its best. For those who are willing to take that risk and go all out, they should consider buying cameras which are waterproof. This helps in reducing your anxiety as a photographer pertaining to the safety of your camera.

Rain is one of those gifts of nature that has a deep impact on the moods of people, therefore capturing a landscape shot with people moving in it could definitely increase the depth and character to the shot. If you intend to capture just the water in your lens, you should surely trying looking out for reflection, they give an edge to your photograph, and this also helps in the augmentation of details.

Any art is mastered only through the process of trial and error, and even with photography, you will need some time before you can master the art. Hence, you should not hesitate to try out different variants, such as using flash in the rain, though it may seem to be harmful for your photograph, yet once you can master the amount of flash that is to be employed, you will be glad to see the astonishing results.

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